Making good nutrition choices

Wellness is not a static condition. Our health is constantly changing and one of the greatest influences on the state of our health, or wellness, is our nutrition.
Nutrition influences our health because the food we eat becomes our tissue, bone, blood, mind and mood. Looking at food this way, it is easy to see it has enormous potential to affect our health.
Many major food markets today feature a section of the store that is designated the "healthy food aisle". If you look carefully at the ingredient labels on the foods found here, and compare them to similar foods found in other sections of the store, you will likely find different ingredients. Most, but not all, foods in the healthy food aisle are free of trans fats, the partially hydrogenated oils found in so many name brand products. You will likely see cane sugar as the sweetener in the healthy food aisle rather than high fructose corn syrup, a step up from the standard fare.

Each time you eliminate unsavory ingredients like partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup from your diet, you are enhancing your wellness. Taking a step like this is simpler and more effective than any temporary restrictive diet you might embark upon to lose weight.

As we move into the holiday season, make a special effort to use pure ingredients in your baking and dining so that you give your body the best possible chance to be well. Reading the calorie, fat, sugar, sodium and protein content on any package is a good start, but the real information resides in the ingredients, which are usually listed under the nutrition label. Choosing the simplest list of ingredients with minimal processing and additives is always the best nutritional choice.


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