Nutrition plays a large role in maintaining physique

When the time comes that you want to start a workout routine you need to keep one thing in mind if you want results in weight loss and muscle tone: you need to have proper nutrition.

Nutrition is the key element to success for getting into shape. By adopting a proper daily meal plan and measuring the correct amount of each food group into your eating routine you will make your results come quicker and easier.

There are five major food groups and all of them have fruits or vegetables within them. The blue/purple group consists of blueberries and eggplant; the green group contains broccoli, lettuce and celery; the white group includes cauliflower and potatoes; the yellow/orange group consists of pineapples, corn and nectarines; and the red group includes strawberries, tomatoes and cherries.

It is recommended you eat food from each of these groups daily.

You don’t have to turn your whole perspective around on eating, just start to observe what you put into your mouth. Eating one helping out of these groups is easier than you think.

Simply look at what is on your plate before you eat. Observe the coloring and ask yourself if you see a variety.

If you are seeing more of one color than another, then you might not be getting enough variety. Take time to adjust your meals so they are balanced.

When you start looking at the food you eat and consider each food group to be important, then you will not only feel better about what you eat but your physique will be vastly improved.

Along with a proper diet and the right amount of water, you will be well prepared to start your workout routine.


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