Lose Weight by Watching TV

hypnosisWarning, this is a pure press release. However, the trend is obvious. People tend to look less demanding ways to lose weight. It's too difficult to fight bad habits.  Go ahead, read the release below. However, don't take it as granted. Remember, to lose weight you need to lose a habit to eat like a pig and do exercises. Or else you will end up paying much more than just money.

Margate, FL (FV Newswire) - Andersonstown, Belfast UK's Personal development reviewer Michael McGrath says the new Neuro-VISION video weight loss hypnosis DVD is "powerful stuff". McGrath tests personal development products and posts the reviews on his website, Personal-Development.info

Recently three of McGrath's independent reviewers tried Neuro-VISION's video weight loss hypnosis program. They all reported that their view of food and their eating habits changed dramatically after watching the video:

"Most of the images are designed to reprogram your eating habits and they do have a profound effect. I found myself pushing away a half finished dinner and refusing my favorite chocolate, cream-filled bun. This may not sound that impressive but for me it was a life-altering experience."

McGrath also applauds Neuro-VISION founder Alan B. Densky for including self-esteem in the hypnosis programs. "Densky shows you how to... anchor an image of yourself as thin and healthy to your feelings of self-esteem. I cannot stress enough just how powerful this stuff really is!"

The Neuro-VISION hypnosis method is not a crash diet program but helps users change their attitude towards food through hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). The DVDs flash images into viewers' minds and set up new unconscious associations that eliminate stress and oral cravings.

Viewers begin to treat food the same way naturally thin people do. They eat less and lose weight the healthy way without starving themselves or resorting to radical diets, but simply by watching the video.

"Even after the first session I could see the difference in my cravings and the way I viewed food," McGrath wrote.
You can read his full review of the Neuro-VISION weight loss program here:


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