National Biosciences secures Aralox weight loss patent

Dr ZakirNational Bioscience Corporation has received a weight loss patent for its phyto-ingredient Aralox, which opens up possibilities for exclusive marketing in the booming weight loss segment.

The company announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded it a new patent entitled “Novel composition for the treatment of obesity and effective fat loss promotion”. Two of the main plant compounds in Aralox are derived from soft grape leaves and Siberian birch tree leaves.

The market for slimming products in the US is the world's largest by far, and while competition may be stiff, ingredient innovation brings new hope for formulators.

About 64 percent of all US adults are overweight, 30 percent of whom are obese, according to the US Food & Drug Administration. This has been identified as an indisputable contributing factor to the nation's high death rate from heart disease, as well as a contributing factor to numerous other diseases.

The demand is for weight loss products in the US is also burgeoning. Euromonitor International in the past has reported that, at $4.34bn in retail sales, the US accounts for 63 percent of the world slimming products market.

National Bioscience Corporation (NBC) saids Aralox, a formulation of dihydroquercetin 3-rhamnoside and aralosides, addresses weight loss through various metabolic pathways.

“As a part of a sensible nutrition and exercise program, research has shown that Aralox can help promote fat loss by helping to reduce lipid droplets and triglycerides through the natural disruption of perilipins,” said Dr. Zakir Ramazanov, rresident and CEO of NBC.

New York State-based NBC said Aralox is ready for use in dietary supplements as well as functional beverages, due to its water solubility.

Perilipins are a “shell of proteins” that act as a barrier between hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) and lipid droplets in the body. Lipid droplets store triglycerides in adipose tissue. HSL hydrolyzes lipid droplets and releases triglycerides. Therefore, NBC claims that if the perilipins barrier is reduced, it can lead to more effective fat loss.

Dr.Zakir told NutraIngredients-USA that NBC has already been approached on the subject of entering into an exclusive agreement for supplying Aralox.

NBC's other nutraceutical products include Siberian rhodiola rosea, patented aralia mandshurica, mushroom lycopene and beta-carotene, as well as fruit derived flavonoids myricetin and mangiferin.

The company has also begun commercial production of fucoxanthin concentrate – a marine thermogenic and anabolic carotenoid specific to deep-seawater cultivated brown marine vegetables.

source - Nutraingridients USA