Weight loss clinic named best in Britain

weightloss exerciseA Scottish obesity clinic has been named the best in Britain by a charity.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary's Weight Management Service (GWMS) was described as a gold standard service by a panel of members of the National Obesity Forum.

Funded by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, the service was set up two years ago, and treats more than 1000 patients each year.

The clinic takes a holistic approach to health, with a team of experts including dietitians, psychologists, and physiotherapists. It takes referrals from GPs and hospital doctors. Patients, aged in their 20s to their 70s, are encouraged to examine their attitudes to food, what they eat and how to exercise.

The service is currently a pilot for the east and south-west of the city but it is hoped it will be available across Glasgow by next spring, and may eventually be extended to other centres around the country.

Dr Susan Boyle, consultant clinical psychologist, said: "We are honoured to receive this award. The number and quality of entries was extremely high, so this is genuine acknowledgement of the commitment in Glasgow to set up a dedicated weight management service.

"We know that simple solutions to the problem of obesity rarely work and what is required is a comprehensive approach.

Two years ago, John Smith was so overweight that he could not play snooker with his son.
"I couldn't lean over the table," says the 37-year old Glaswegian. "Now we play every week. We do lots of activities together."

Mr Smith is 5ft 8in and was, at his heaviest, 21 stone. As a routine, he would have a huge evening meal then gorge on fast food, pizzas, and curries until midnight.

But since last year, the father of three has managed to lose nearly six stone, with the help of the Glasgow service.

"It was like going back to school, only they didn't tell me what to do. They allowed me to realise that for myself. They educated me how to eat properly and at the right times of day."

Dr David Haslam, clinical director of the National Obesity Forum, said: "We gave the award to what is clearly a well-set up system – well thought-out, well managed, and with an excellent track record."

source - The Herald