Eurobarometer on health, food and nutrition

eurobarometerThe European Commission published in November an extensive survey on EU citizens’ views regarding obesity and health. According to this survey, a majority of European consumers believes that healthy eating includes a balanced and varied diet rich in fruit and vegetables.

Main findings of the study are:

  • one in five Europeans has changed what he or she eats within the last year
  • 31 percent of respondents consider that is not easy to eat a healthy diet
  • 58 percent of EO consumers find indeed that eating a healthy diet involves above all “eating more fruit and vegetables”
  • 45 percent thinks that eating too much fat food is incompatible with healthy eating.
  • the most frequently mentioned change is eating more fruit and vegetables 155 percent).
  • a very clear majority of Europeans (85%) is in favour of Government action to promote a healthy diet.
source - Freshfel Europe