Five holiday weight loss secrets

weight lossAs you may already know, Americans tend to put on an extra 15 to 20 pounds during the holidays. Scary huh, but us western civilized folk love heaping scoops of back fat stuffing and plates of artery clogging ham, gravy and turkey. So the real question is this, how can you keep off the twenty-pound fat jiggle, and instead, lose five to 10 pounds from your thighs, stomach and arms?

Simple, you will follow these five tips for effective fat loss and boosting your metabolism while still enjoying the holiday pre and post feasts!

Tip 1: Stick with weights, and I mean free weights; you know those dark plates and heavy bars at the back of most gyms beyond the useless and fancy looking machines. Choose a weight you can handle for 6-9 repetitions and only perform 4-7. In example, say you chose squats for your leg exercise, and most likely handle 135 pounds for six reps, you would only perform four reps with that weight, so you're holding some energy back in the reserves for subsequent sets.

Tip 2: Don't fall submissive to the ever popular holiday laziness by using elevators and escalators in shopping malls while beating Santa to the punch. Question: you know why he's big fat and jolly? Because he has 12 lean and sculpted reindeer who cart his red-obese-jumpsuit-tail all over the Earth in minutes-still think your step aerobics class is hard-so don't be like Santa, ditch the late night milk and cookies and start using stairs and further parking spots to keep warm and lean.

Tip 3: Do yourself a favor and save the resolution diet that will most likely last all of two weeks by taking action now! People who procrastinate accomplish little, people who accept challenges and start today succeed. So begin your meal planning schedule at the end of this article and enjoy naughty desserts while your friends are meagerly chomping on sprigs of broccoli and quarter pieces of toast with one egg at Sunday brunch.

Tip 4: For the love of all things festive please stop training like a glory-of-the-80's-leg-warmidite by ditching the bodybuilding exercises like biceps curls, chest flies and machine leg extensions and filter in proven REAL WORLD fat loss movements like chin-ups, high pulls and squats. Trust me, your six-pack abs and cover model physique will thank me for it later...I accept checks by the way.

Tip 5: Instead of manhandling Uncle Bob's last piece of ham from his plate and erupting a family war let him fall asleep comfortably from a beach ball belly and reward yourself with extra servings of veggies like sweet potatoes, yams, broccoli and peas. Heck, why not throw the whole family for a loop and bring a nice baby spinach salad, with red grapes, carrots, onions and tomatoes, I guarantee that thing will be polished off! Even Uncle Bob can't refuse grapes.

So that's it, secure yourself a cover model physique, a nice gift from Santa and an easy New Year's by following the fantastic five with consistency, dedication and a positivity. Take care and all checks can be made out to Robert Belley of Purely Physique, your fitness solution firm, just kidding but keep training and watching your plate to save yourself an exhausting January and a happier Valentines Day!

source TownOnline