HealthTeacher Launches Trans Fat Nutrition Database

HealthTeacherNASHVILLE, Tenn.-(Business Wire)-December 27, 2006 - today announced the availability of a new health tool that will quickly allow consumers to find the trans fat content in everyday foods including major fast food chains.

"The move by New York City last week regarding the ban on trans fat was bold and we think NYC is only the first of several cities that will enact such legislation," said J. Tod Fetherling, president of Relegent, owner and operator of the HealthTeacher site. "We believe it is important to highlight the foods with the highest trans fat and do so in a very simple, easy to use format for consumers and students. Hopefully, by providing this information, many teachers and students will be able to make quicker changes in their habits of consuming trans fat."

The tool on was created using the scientific data available from the USDA, version - SR19. Although is a subscription only site, HealthTeacher will make the tool available to the general public from its website.


Relegent is a leading healthcare marketing firm based in Franklin, TN. Relegent provides health content and marketing services to hospitals and schools. For hospitals, Relegent markets Discovery Hospital through a partnership with Discovery Health Channel. In schools, Relegent markets and promotes HealthTeacher, a leading K-12 health curriculum product available online and in print.

source Business Wire 

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