Study of nutrition labels eye-opening

nutrition labelStudents in the science classes at the SIUE E. St. Louis Charter School are studying the significance of nutrition labels.

Nutrition labels provide consumers with important information about the content and effects of products.

Science teacher, Darius Pikes received a grant to teach students about nutrition. The students in Mr. Pikes' classes are studying food labels and beginning to pay more attention to the fats, saturated fats, and cholesterol intake. They are also learning about how many servings are in the food they eat and how many they are supposed to have.

Mr. Pikes said it is important to read what is in nutrition labels because "people need to know what they're putting inside their bodies because 'if you put garbage in your body you get garbage out of your body.'"

Mr. Pikes also said that it is important because in order to "successfully get through a day, your body and your mind has to have proper nourishment."

Students were initially disinterested. However, after learning what cholesterol and fats could do to their bodies, they began to pay more attention. One student, Kristin Evans, said that

"The food labels are useful because you can learn and observe what you're putting in your body."

Another student, Yoshimik Wayne, said "it's good to read food labels because it tells you how much sugar and salt is in your food, and it could help you monitor your intake of all these things."

Mr. Pikes said that at first glance the large amount of information on food labels makes them hard for some people to understand. However, when consumers know what they are looking for, it is easier.

He also said that growing up he actually did not have a good diet because his family did not understand the importance of nutrition. As he has gotten older, he learned that it is important to know what you put in your body.

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