Health Author Reveals Controversial & Secret Celebrity Style Weight Loss Resolutions That Work

weightloss(PRWeb) January 5, 2007 -- What do Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Katie Holmes all have in common? Besides the obvious- money- these ladies possess an uncanny ability to lose weight fast. But health author Nicole "Naweko" Dial warns, "Before you brush quick celebrity weight loss to just possessing youthful genes, possible illicit drug use, or pure luck… Take a closer, more psychological look at how these ladies and celebrities like them manage to seemingly melt away pounds of fat."

According to "Skinny Fat Chicks" author Dial, movie stars possess strong emotional, psychological, social reasons to lose weight fast. Dial explains, "Stars lose weight fast- to gain more attention and more money. And there is no need to hate movies stars for their dietary motivations. But we should at least appreciate the real reasons for their dieting success."

Britney Spears' recent rapid weight loss serves as a clear illustration of effective celebrity-style dieting. A few months ago Britney Spears was sporting baby fat and there were rumors that she was on the verge of a divorce.

In Hollywood public relations terms, this meant that Britney had chance to glean a lot of media attention once she split with her man. To maximize the publicity quotient of her breakup and show to the world that she is still a hot, marketable star, Spears had to lose about 15 pounds in a month--and she did it.

Even Katie Holmes shed her baby fat like snake skin so fast that the newspaper Western Mail reported that Holmes' wedding dress had to be taken in six times before her paparazzi packed marriage to superstar Tom Cruise.

Like Holmes, Dial says that many women are able to quickly lose weight before a wedding or major even because the goal of losing weight for a wedding is tangible and deadline based. More precisely, says Dial, "A bride-to-be loses weight fast because realizes that within a matter of days she will be a celebrity for a day."

Sadly, many women gain all the lost weight back after the honeymoon because they drop those celebrity-like dieting habits that worked. Dial observes that women gain more weight, "…the second they abandon the selfish, emotional reasons they once held for looking great and getting the weight off."

Dial explains that, the seriousness of an upcoming wedding or major event causes a dramatic psychological transformation on how women view their bodies and eating patterns.

When stars, and brides-to-be, have a pressing need to lose weight fast, every meal and every exercise session translates into something more than a mere food or gym time, it means getting closer to what they actually want- more attention, more love and more money- the basic, must-have celebrity accessories.

This psychological switch that Dial refers to is equal to what the United States Armed Forces would call, "individual readiness". Individual readiness represents the "I" in the LIFE (lifestyle change, individual readiness, fitness excellence, eating healthy) wellness program used by the USAF. The LIFE system worked enough to help women in this program keep an average of 14 pounds off even one year after having participated in the program.

Individual readiness also means being psychologically prepared to make the changes that a healthier lifestyle will require. Psychologist Theresa Fassihi, PhD, who works as a member of the treatment team for the Eating Disorders Program at the Menninger Clinic, acknowledges that clarifying personal values and setting goals that are aligned with those values are essential for achieving goals.

Yet too many people desiring to lose weight skip this pivotal self-discovery step. Dial reports, "People's diets usually fail because they do not openly allow themselves to be motivated to lose weight by selfish and even tabooed personal gains. There's a stigma associated with being selfish and this misnomer keeps a lot of people overweight."

This New Year, Dial recommends using a celebrity-proof weight loss program. Dial says, "This is done by creating a simple, tangible and benefits-oriented reason to lose weight that gets you ecstatic, not excited, but bull-raging, no-turning-back-now thrilled. This weight loss, as it happens, has got to give you something real that you desperately want to have now and enjoy on a daily basis."

For everyone planning to join New Year's resolution pack that resolves to, "lose weight"- copy a celebrity this time. Dial offers a simple fill-in-the-blank journal entry for anyone desiring to experience celebrity like weight loss this year. It is:

"I need to lose weight so that I can get more ___ (fill in the blank, examples include money, more attention, a raise, a date, etc)

And resolve,

"I must lose this weight by ____ (fill in the date) because I really need the money, attention, love, etc by then."

In sum, a successful diet requires a catalysts for change. Celebrities tell the public about the gym sessions and healthy eating habits that helped them lose weight. But these healthy changes are just branches on the tree of health. The kernel that plants this tree of health is a psychological shift born of selfish desires. May all those desirous of weight loss sow their own seedling catalyst for change.

source PRWeb