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losing weightBy Kirsten Hawkins

If you’re on a diet, or considering going on one, you’re in luck. We’ve put together ten of the most frequently asked questions about diets and weight loss and compiled them here. Enjoy!

1. How much should I weigh?

Your doctor can answer that question most accurately. More important than how much you weigh is your body/mass index, which measures your height against your weight.

2. What's the best diet for losing weight?

Any diet that provides all the nutrition that you need for health, and in addition, provides fewer calories than your body burns regularly.

Become a Healthy Entrepreneur

healthy womanThis article was excerpted from The Entrepreneur Diet. Buy it today from EntrepreneurPress.com.

Living the life of an entrepreneur, it's easy to get lost in the cerebral side of your existence. By throwing yourself into the business, you may have lost touch with the simple joy in movement. We've come up with reality checks for the most popular excuses people have for not staying in shape.

Myth #1: I'm not athletic, so even if I wanted to become more active, I can't do it.

Reality Check: There are many ways to incorporate more physical activity into your day.

nutritionQ: What’s the best way to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome?

A: Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is the most common cause of female infertility, affecting up to 10 percent of all premenopausal women. Besides a failure to ovulate, there’s an overproduction of androgens (male sex hormones) and estrogen.

These hormonal changes cause acne, insulin resistance/diabetes, excess facial and body hair and obesity. After over 70 years of study, we’re still not sure what causes it to occur.

But genetics and obesity are two big risk factors for PCOS.

Weight loss ... tax gain?

australiaThe Australian Taxation Office has stung dieters who prefer a cool drink to a hot soup as part of their weight-loss program.

Formulated meal replacement shake sachets sold in pharmacies as part of a weight-management program have been hit with the GST.

But, in a twist to the ruling, diet soups have been exempted because they're eaten hot and therefore classified as food.

The case has angered one of Australia's most successful marketers of diet formula, Tony Ferguson, who is challenging the tax office's ruling.

Five Healthy Weight Loss Tips

staying healthyAre you tired of getting the same old advice when it comes to dieting? Are you looking for some quick tips to help motivate yourself during a diet? Why not follow along below to learn about some quick healthy weight loss tips?

Tip # 1: Take off five pounds quickly before a big event!

If you're generally in good shape, but you want to pare off a few pounds to look your best before a big event like a class reunion, one of the best ways to do it is to cleanse your system. For the week before, skip the breads and pastas, eat lots of raw vegetables and salads, and drink at least eight ounce glasses of water a day. You'll not only end up slimmer, you'll feel 100% more energetic and healthy.

fat bellyBritain's growing battle with obesity was underlined as new data showed that the number of prescriptions written for anti-obesity drugs has risen by nearly 600 percent in six years.

According to data released by the government-run National Health Service, nearly 871,000 prescriptions for anti-obesity drugs were written in 2005, compared to around 127,000 in 1999 -- a 586 percent increase.

The proportion of English men rated as obese -- defined as having a body mass index of greater than 30 -- rose to 22.1 percent last year, compared to 13.2 percent in 1993, while 21.9 percent of English women were classed as obese in 2005, against 16.4 percent in 1993.

fat manWow, what a research. How useful and encouraging. Your fat belly is caused by bacterias. Not by your bad eating habits, your lazy lifestyle and  barrels of coke that you drink every year. Blame someone else, not yourself.

WASHINGTON - The size of your gut may be partly shaped by which microbes call it home, according to new research linking obesity to types of digestive bacteria.

Both obese mice — and people — had more of one type of bacteria and less of another kind, according to two studies published Thursday in the journal Nature.

A “microbial component” appears to contribute to obesity, said study lead author Jeffrey Gordon, director of Washington University’s Center for Genome Sciences.

Weight Loss Trends for 2007

weightlossWeight loss has become extremely big business in the US, with a third of all Americans now indicating that they are on a diet.

The Calorie Control Council has found that there are now more dieters in the US than at any other time in the last 15 years and it seems certain that many more will join the list after the inevitable over-indulgence of Christmas. While the research has focused exclusively on the US, its findings appear to be equally relevant to the UK and throughout Europe.

Robin Steagall, the council's nutrition communications manager, has advised prospective dieters that they need to keep a close eye on the calories they are consuming and the calories they are expending.

compellis pharmaceuticalsDieters may find some welcome assistance from a new nasal spray that could help resist the appetizing aromas of cinnamon bun stands, pizza parlors or tempting bakeries.

Compellis Pharmaceuticals of Cambridge, Massachusetts said it will begin human trials next year of a nasal spray designed to fight obesity by blocking the senses of smell and taste. It won a patent for the product this month.

"The pleasurable effect of eating is all stimulated by smell and taste," Christopher Adams, the company's founder and chief executive, told Reuters on Tuesday.

"The premise is that olfactory activity that controls both smell and taste is a trigger and a feedback mechanism to eat. If you have some kind of reduced sense of smell or taste, you tend to eat less," he said.

obesity in chinaUnhappy with her weight, Charmaine Tong decided two years ago to try a slimming tea, which supposedly contained only traditional Chinese herbs.

She was overjoyed when she lost her appetite and the bathroom scales began dipping, but her happiness vanished when she began suffering a racing heart beat a month later.

"I chose Chinese medicine as I thought it wouldn't have chemicals and would have fewer side effects, but my heart went out of control," said Tong, a marketing executive in Hong Kong.

She stopped drinking the tea at once, and has since regained the seven pounds she lost, and more.

drinking water`If your New Year's resolution is to lose weight, drinking water may be an easy and healthy way to start,` said Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute scientist Jodi Stookey in a statement released Thursday.

While studying the impact of water consumption on weight loss, researchers in Oakland discovered drinking at least four glasses of water each day in place of sugary beverages can help dieters lose additional weight, the institute reported.

According to the study, 70 percent of the 240 over-weight women studied frequently drank at least one sugary beverage each day before following popular diet plans. At the end of the yearlong study, researchers found that women who drank water instead of sugary drinks lost three additional pounds on average.

Doctor Claims Hoodia Helps With Weight Loss

hoodia cactusThere's been a lot of talk about hoodia, the weight loss supplement. But with all the weight loss products on the market, how do you know if it works?

A Philadelphia-area doctor said there may be something to it.

Hoodia comes from a cactus plant found in South Africa. Scientists discovered indigenous people who suck on the plant feel less hungry and less thirsty.

Weight loss ops for fat children

obese childControversial guidelines that could see children offered weight loss surgery have been published by the Government's health watchdog.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) report is the first of its kind from the body aimed at tackling the obesity crisis in England and Wales.

The guidance focuses on the prevention and treatment of obesity in adults and children and will be sent to NHS professionals, schools, local authorities, employers and town planners. Nice said there was a need "for urgent action" to stem the rising tide of obesity.

Weight Loss Can Mean Bone Loss

fat manOverweight dieters who cut calories but don't exercise lose more than weight -- they lose bone mass.

That finding comes from a study by Dennis T. Villareal, MD, and colleagues at Washington University in St. Louis.

The researchers studied 46 men and women with an average age of 57. All were overweight; none got regular exercise.

In other words, they were typical Americans.

  1. weightlossDrink more water! Start by drinking a large glass of water with lemon each morning and drink a glass before each meal to feel slightly full. Gradually replace sugary or carbonated beverages with water throughout the day.
  2. Choose healthy snacks between meals to keep yourself from getting too hungry before a meal, such as fruit, a handful of nuts or a low-fat yogurt.
  3. Eat whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juice. Whole fruit has fewer calories from sugar and more fiber.
  4. Take three fewer bites at each meal so you leave a little food on your plate.
  5. Try a high fiber cereal with fruit and skim milk in the morning instead of bagels or muffins.
  6. If you eat out a lot, start with a broth based soup or mixed green salad, both of which will contribute to fullness, and follow with an appetizer rather than a full-size entree.
  7. Toss your salad with your favorite low-fat, low-calorie dressing.
  8. Be sure to get your calcium in foods like yogurt or milk but from lower calorie sources by switching from high calorie, full-fat products to low-fat and non-fat products.
  9. Munch on fresh vegetables with low calorie condiments to make them taste great and satisfy the need to crunch.
  10. Incorporate some exercise daily even if it is just walking to work or taking the stairs.

source - www.unileverusa.com

Bike rides are great for weight loss

bike ridingNow that cool weather is here, it’s time to reacquaint yourself with the outdoors. And what better way to do it than hopping back on a bicycle?

The two-wheeled, leg-powered mode of transportation appeals to people of all ages for a variety of reasons.

Want to lose weight?

Biking can help you and, at the same time, it’s gentler on the joints than other exercise. According to sources cited by the League of American Bicyclists, a 150-pound cyclist going 12 mph can burn 410 calories in one hour. For a 200-pound biker, it’s 546 calories.

healthby Kirsten Hawkins

Have you heard about the new weight loss patch? You wear it behind your ear, and it speeds up your metabolism and helps you control your appetite. It sounds pretty reasonable, doesn't it? After all, if someone had told you five years ago that you could quit smoking by sticking a circle of fabric on your skin would you have believed them?

Unfortunately, this one isn't true. According to Dr. Michael Myers, who maintains the popular web site weight.com, it's just another of the hoaxes that clever promoters are using to bilk you out of your money. Weight loss is a gold mine, and unscrupulous operators will use any gimmick to convince you that their product is the magic cure that will melt away your pounds without any effort on your part.

Here are a few of the current weight loss gimmicks and the truth about them.

Norway's Latest Weight Loss Trick

coffee slenderCBS - A slimming coffee is Europe's latest weight loss trick.

Coffee SLENDER has been sold in Norway for a year, and is just now being offered online in the United Kingdom.

Its special ingredient is a green coffee bean extract called Svetol. The Norwegian company that developed the drink says the Svetol in their product reduces the amount of carbohydrates that your body converts into sugar and then fat after eating a meal.

weight lossDALLAS-(Business Wire)-December 8, 2006 - We know a lot about the effects of being overweight on our long-term health, but what about our long-term wealth?

According to U.S. Department of Human Health and Services, the total cost of conditions resulting from being overweight was estimated to be $117 billion in 2004. For a sense of scale, that was 1% of our U.S. Gross National Product. Of this amount, an estimated $61 billion was due to direct medical costs and $56 billion to lost productivity. In another study, National Coalition of Health Care reports that the cost of health care is rising overall at a rate of almost 8% per year.

That's national. Let's talk about personal financial burdens. Let's say you've been carrying extra weight for a few years. Your chances of damaging the cartilage in your knee is about three times more likely than if you had never gained extra weight. Your personal part of the expense will depend on your health insurance, but let's assume that when you add up the bills from physicians, the MRI, surgeons and physical therapy, the total comes to somewhere between $8,000 to $10,000. Your part of the bills would be about $1,000 if you were lucky enough to have a low deductible policy. Also, how much is the downtime that you spend recovering worth to you?

New thoughts on quick weight loss

heavy exercise By Bryant Stamford, Special to The Courier-Journal

As you are aware from reading my column, I am strongly opposed to crash weight-loss schemes.

The primary reason is that, although weight can be lost quickly, the weight that is lost is mostly muscle and water. I have explained the reasons for this in the past, and it can get pretty complicated.

What's important to understand is, the faster the weight comes off, the more muscle and water you lose and the less fat you lose.

AFP photoAmid the laughter, chatter and perspiration, a group of 30 children are hard at work on stationary bicyles, rowing machines and jogging pads at a kids-only gym in this Washington suburb.

"My mom, my grandmother and my aunt tell me I'm too fat. That's why I come here and wear long T-shirts," says Toriano Parrish, a plump 12-year-old who has become a regular at Youth Visions, located the city of Upper Marlboro, in predominantly black Prince George's County in Maryland.

Parrish, who was pedaling furiously on a stationary bike, said he had lost several pounds (kilos) since joining the gym open to children ages five to 16 and has made it a ritual to exercise every day after school.

Five holiday weight loss secrets

weight lossAs you may already know, Americans tend to put on an extra 15 to 20 pounds during the holidays. Scary huh, but us western civilized folk love heaping scoops of back fat stuffing and plates of artery clogging ham, gravy and turkey. So the real question is this, how can you keep off the twenty-pound fat jiggle, and instead, lose five to 10 pounds from your thighs, stomach and arms?

Simple, you will follow these five tips for effective fat loss and boosting your metabolism while still enjoying the holiday pre and post feasts!

(courtesy of appropriate author) TORONTO (CP) - Jokes about cops and doughnuts might be the reflex reaction to a new survey that shows nearly two-thirds of Toronto Police Service workers are overweight, but the general public isn't doing much better when it comes to battling the bulge, experts say.

A health survey of 2,110 police officers and civilian employees conducted by Connex Health found almost 90 per cent admitted to poor nutrition habits, while 65 per cent said they were overweight.

A further 44 per cent reported an unhealthy fitness level, while around 20 per cent said they had been diagnosed as obese.

weightloss pillsWashington, D.C. (AHN) - Americans are buying weight-loss pills from companies that are skirting around laws from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and avoiding regulation.

Dr. Louis Aronne tells CBS, "[These drugs] combine the worst of both worlds. There's no proof of effectiveness and no proof of safety. Why would you take something like this?"

According to estimates, Americans are spending $35 billion a year on weight-loss products, many of which have little-to-no effectiveness, and others actually harm patients.

Nicole blames weight loss on stylist

Nicole RichieThe Simple Life star - who sparked anorexia fears following her dramatic weight loss over the last year - posted an angry message on her MySpace internet page, apparently aimed at celebrity style guru Rachel Zoe.

The message read: "What 35-year-old raisin face whispers her order of three pieces of asparagus for dinner at Chateau every night, and hides her deathly disorder by pointing the finger at me, and used the last paycheque I wrote her to pay for a publicist instead of a nutritionist? HINT: Her nickname is Lettucecup."

Just hours after the damning message appeared, Lindsay Lohan - who also lost weight after employing Zoe - allegedly posted a note on Nicole's site reading, "Hmmmm... No Comment."

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